March Movers

Sometimes It's A Long Way Home,

But We'll Get You There Safely.

We will protect your family’s possessions like a trusted friend

March Family Owned & Operated Since 1957

Charles J March Sr. became licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission in 1957. Mr. March came from a family of 8 boys and 7 girls of which all 8 boys started their working careers in the moving business. Charles March Sr.’s father, Percy March, and father-in-law, Heber Davis, both retired as movers in the late 1950s.

Charles March Sr. also had a large family of his own: Bob, the oldest, Jim, Jerry, John, Chuck Jr., and Cammie. All of them worked for the family business some time during their lives. Chuck Jr. purchased the company in 1990 and has owned and operated it since. Charles J March Sr. would often show up at moving jobs to make sure that all of the furniture was padded and rubber banded correctly.